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AACC Report: A Guide to Climate Resiliency & The Community College

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The SEED Center and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) have released a report calling on community colleges to take an active role in building resilient communities as a workforce developer, community educator, and convener.

Too many municipalities are crafting climate adaption and resiliency plans without community colleges are partners. Yet, community colleges are positioned to be powerful partners in implementing a holistic local response to climate threats by:

  • helping the region plan for education and training;
  • developing curriculum and career pathways for a variety of occupations;
  • providing leadership in prioritizing community needs; and
  • brokering partnerships among community partners to shape climate action plans.

Use this guide’s resources, research, and practical recommendations to plan your resiliency initiatives. View our quick lists of ideas for building your college’s sustainability programming, on-campus initiatives, and community engagement.

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