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SEED Campus Ambassadors

Leadership Among Colleagues for Green Workforce Development

Become a SEED Center Campus Ambassador, serve as a mentor to colleges nationwide.
You know SEED can help you build green workforce development programs on campus.
Now, be a leader in extending this opportunity to others.

What is the SEED Center Campus Ambassador Program? (pdf brochure)
The Sustainability Education & Economic Development (SEED) Campus Ambassador Program harnesses the power of SEED Center champions who will facilitate the adoption of SEED across colleges.  Being an Ambassador is easy, simply direct other colleges to the free resources available in the SEED Center.

A SEED Center Ambassador Should Be:

  • A community college vice-president, dean, faculty member, or sustainability officer; particularly those responsible green/clean energy technology workforce development.
  • Connected to in-state community college networks (or have access to the college’s president who is in regular contact with the state network) to outreach about SEED to promote sustainability and green jobs among their campus colleagues and within the local community.
  • Enthusiastic and engaged about sustainability and green jobs, and ready to share!

Why Be a SEED Center Ambassador? Ambassadors Will Receive:

  • Individualized training about SEED and how to navigate the SEED Center from an AACC team member.
  • Engagement Toolkits for Community, Students and Educators to aid community colleges’ successful participation and activation of green jobs programs.
  • Individual recognition on website in the leadership section, in press releases, in social media, and in SEED News – the monthly newsletter publication
  • Eligible for featured editorial placement in SEED news
  • Opportunity for reduced registration fee to WDI 2012
  • Benefits of the SEED Center; sharing of best practices and peer learning

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Encourage your college president to sign the SEED pledge.
  • Subscribe to the SEED Center Newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest in the SEED community.
  • Become knowledgeable about the, and Resource Center — and contribute material.
  • Encourage participation in SEED among peers by emailing your state community college network, giving a presentation at state and regional events, leveraging your personal connections, or even hosting your own webinar or conference call.

Become a SEED Center Ambassador Today!
Contact us to learn more and explore the tools to help get you started.