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Campus as a Living Laboratory Workshop 2014 Tour Wraps Up

In the past year, the SEED Center held four workshops for more than 200 community college leaders on the topic of using the college campus as a sustainable living laboratory. The concept is simple: as community colleges redesign and retrofit their own campuses in greener ways, institutions can and should use these projects as experiential learning opportunities for students. These living laboratories merge academics and campus facilities management to provide students with real-world skills and, for the institution, a path to meet its sustainability goals.

The workshops were held in Port Huron, MI; Portland, OR; Lexington, KY; and Chicago, IL and brought together national speakers, industry leaders, and practitioners from model institutions. Participants included teams of community college facilities leaders and faculty and staff. Teams left with a set of tools and an action plan for launching or advancing these types of initiatives at their campuses.

SEED thanks Siemens, Amereseco, and Grainger for their continued support of these events.

Living Lab Report

The SEED Center and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools have released a guide that highlights eight essential elements to building effective living labs. The Campus as a Living Lab: Using the Built Environment to Revitalize College Education tackles some of the biggest challenges faculty face in these endeavors, from breaking down internal institutional silos to engaging industry in curriculum development. Download this guide.

Webinar Archive

Read the transcripts or watch the recording of our two living lab-focused webinars: