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Energy Technology Perspectives Report Series

Resource: Energy Technology Perspectives Report Series

“The energy world is in the early phase of a new industrial age – the age of clean energy technology manufacturing. Industries that were in their infancy in the early 2000s, such as solar PV and wind, and the 2010s, such as EVs and batteries, have mushroomed into vast manufacturing operations today. The scale and significance of these and other key clean energy industries are set for further rapid growth. Countries around the world are stepping up efforts to expand clean energy technology manufacturing with the overlapping aims of advancing net zero transitions, strengthening energy security and competing in the new global energy economy. The current global energy crisis is a pivotal moment for clean energy transitions worldwide, driving a wave of investment that is set to flow into a range of industries over the coming years. In this context, developing secure, resilient and sustainable supply chains for clean energy is vital.” – Energy Technologies Perspectives 2023
Energy technologies are heavily dependent on market forces, major global events, and global needs. This report series by the International Energy Agency depicts current trends, influences, and future predictions in energy technology. These materials can be worked into college curricular materials to make a great educational tool for the classroom or student projects.

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