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  • Not to be used as a means to market individual consultants or their products
  • Promote colleges becoming generally more innovative

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BlueGreen Alliance

The BlueGreen Alliance is a national, strategic partnership between labor unions and environmental organizations dedicated to expanding the number and quality of jobs in the green economy.

January 3, 2012

Community Power: Decentralized Renewable Energy in California

This report identifies obstacles to community based and decentralized renewable power and outlines policies that can promote its development. It uses California as an example and the concept is applicable to other locations and can be used as a case study in curricular materials.

Report – Clean Energy Jobs for the U.S. Midwest: Lessons Learned from the German Success Story of Low Carbon Growth

This 2010 report analyzes the growth of the renewable energy sector in Germany and suggests policy measures for the debate in the U.S. Midwest. By applying some of these lessons learned, Midwestern states such as Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota could strengthen their renewable policies, build truly local industries, and create new, well-paying jobs.

Sharing Solutions: Transatlantic Cooperation for a Low-Carbon Economy

This Network increases cooperation on climate and energy policy between Europe and the U.S. and provides a wealth of information on upcoming events focusing on all fields of sustainability. The networks Publications section provides insight and analysis from international and national experts in the field.

Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC)

The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) develops and leads successful strategic environmental advocacy campaigns to improve environmental quality and protect natural heritage. It is the Midwest’s leading public interest environmental legal advocacy and eco-business innovation organization and provides a wealth of publications and presentations on topics relating to sustainability policy, studies, and practices in […]

Climate, Adaptation, Mitigation, E-Learning (CAMEL)

Climate, Adaptation, Mitigation, E-Learning (CAMEL) is a free, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, multi-media resource for educators to enable them to effectively teach about climate change and allowing them to create and share curricular resources. View their Intro VIdeo for more information.

February 6, 2012

Why Green Is Your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career

A comprehensive manual designed to assist women, training providers, educators, counselors, and other workforce development professionals with information on educational and career pathways in the green economy. This information can help women sort through their choices, and can be used by others to promote the recruitment and retention of women in green career paths.

March 6, 2012

Financing for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

This U.S. Department of Energy website section provides information on designing clean energy financing programs for state, local, and tribal governments. These materials help understand what can be done to make energy efficiency and renewable energies more affordable.

April 27, 2012

Scientific American: Energy & Sustainability

Read and review recent articles on the environment, alternative energy technology, policy, technology, and other topics that will prove very useful in developing education materials and/or classroom resources.

Case Study Database: The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx)

This page features links to case study data bases in Pollution Prevention. Includes case studies from Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and the Department of Commerce. These case studies can be utilized in any course covering energy and sustainability related topics.

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