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  • Not to be used as a means to market individual consultants or their products
  • Promote colleges becoming generally more innovative

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The Campus Wild

 This guide shows how colleges and universities are protecting wildlife and restoring habitats in campus green spaces and discusses how these “wild” spaces benefit students, faculty, and staff through leadership opportunities and hands-on learning. Information is provided on: green roofs, edible gardens, arboretums and botanical gardens, storm water mitigation, and certified wildlife habitats.

September 29, 2015

Tribal Energy System Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Report

 This report assesses the vulnerability of US tribal energy infrastructure and systems due to climate change, and increases understanding of these risks to encourage effective planning and management of these energy systems.

Article: ‘Food Hubs’ Meet Growing Demand for Locally Grown Farm Fare

 This article discusses how “food hubs,” or operations that aggregate, distribute and market source-identified food, are growing in popularity and scale as the demand for locally-sourced foods grows among individuals and organizations, such as hospitals and schools. These food hubs provide a stable market for local farmers, while connecting people to what they are consuming […]

Article: What a Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) Does

 The Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) is the person at the forefront of innovation in helping cities grow while becoming more resilient. Employment projections foresee that dozens of cities, territories, countries, and companies will be hiring their first CRO in the next few years. This article delves into the personal traits of a successful CRO and […]

Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication

 This guide is designed to provide understanding of responses to climate change and how anyone can better communicate with and engage the public on this issue. It uses social science research to increase engagement, show common mistakes to avoid, and provide best practices that organizations have used to meaningfully engage individuals and groups on climate […]

Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

 This sustainable development UN plan of global action seeks to strengthen universal peace and eradicate all forms of poverty for a more resilient future by solving current economic, social and environmental issues. It incorporates 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets to build on the Millennium Development Goals and complete what these did not achieve.

Tenders and Grants for Sustainability Funding Opportunities

 This searchable database of tenders and grants is designed to provide funding opportunities for sustainability projects around the globe.

Utility Dive Newsletter

 This free newsletter shares the latest green energy information with such topics as: Smart Grid Tech, Clean Energy, Regulation, Generation, etc.  More specialized newsletters are also available on Demand Response, Storage and Solar.

Report from the Inaugural National Energy Education Summit

 This report follows up on the National Energy Education Summit, created by the National Council for Science and the Environment, and is aimed to develop and advance partnerships that focus on transitioning the world towards a resilient and sustainable energy system. It emphasizes action through policy and practice to build relationships and increase motivation to […]

Energy Efficiency Education and Professional Development

 This website provides a regularly updated list of resources on community colleges, universities, certificate programs and other training in the field of sustainable energy. It encompasses both general and specific skill training plus courses and seminars on energy efficiency and renewable energy topics – in some cases for free.

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