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  • Not to be used as a means to market individual consultants or their products
  • Promote colleges becoming generally more innovative

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Green and Sustainability Jobs and Career Resources

 This article, on the state of green careers, provides information and resources for educators and students on current sustainable career trends and projections. Links to websites featuring sustainability related job offerings, disciplinary based sustainability associations, higher education consortia, and career pathways for students are included.

May 18, 2015

Sustainable Agriculture, Agroecology, Food Related with Career Info

 Appalachian State University has assembled a directory of resources for students and teachers on sustainable agriculture and agroecology. The information provided includes tips and strategies for finding jobs in the field of sustainable agriculture, a directory of farm intern positions across the U.S., educational tools, and much more.

Finding Good Work in Sustainable Food & Farming

 Students can utilize this resource to determine what they desire in a career and how to work towards that goal, including internship options and information on creating a job that does not yet exist.

SAgE Sustainable Agriculture Education

This consortia of colleges aims to increase access to education of sustainable practices in growing food and to prepare students for careers in agriculture and related environmental fields. They offer certificate and degree programs in urban farming, bio regional food systems, and small farm agriculture. Some SAgE classes use farms as their classroom and students […]

July 7, 2015

Global Bioenergy Statistics

 This report uses statistics material to depict the growth of bioenergy in the context of the renewable energy market. Intended for companies, governments and researchers, this report is just as useful to educators and students.

August 19, 2015

Global Trends 2030

 In its report “Global Trends 2030,” the US National Intelligence Council described the interconnected risks in water, energy and food supply security as a “megatrend” that will gain global momentum. Updates, videos, and additional resources are also provided.

Guidebook for Organic Certification

This free guidebook covers everything from what is organic farming to the rules for specific types of organic production. It discusses the process farmers must follow to get certified organic for livestock and crops, plus provides marketing regulations, contact information for organizations, and resources and reference materials.

Local Food System Toolkits

 These publications offer guidelines for developing successful local food systems that can be incorporated into sustainability education programs and community outreach activities. Below are links to some of the specific toolkits and resources found on this page. Local Food System Toolkit 1: Developing a Worksite Food Box Program: This is a guide for creating a […]

Sustainable Agriculture Publications and Tools

 This extensive collection of publications, papers, and toolkits provide a wealth of information and activities for educators and students. Some of the information covered includes: Community-Based Food Systems, Farm to Institution, Market Research and Feasibility Studies, Policy, Philosophy of Sustainability, plus Models and Assessment Tools.

250 Twitter Accounts Every Food Activist Should Follow

 Food Tank has provided, in one simple list, 250 Twitter accounts for food activists to follow for instant connectivity with farmers, chefs, researchers, activists, educators and policymakers around the world who are working to improve the global food system.

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