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Alternative Fuel Conversion

This page provides links to information about alternative fuel vehicle and engine conversions. You will find information for manufactures and consumers on regulations, information for manufacturers, compliance, and other helpful links that can be used in developing a full understand of alternative fuel conversion for automobiles.

November 12, 2011

US EPA – Renewable and Alternative Fuels

These materials can be used in the classroom to explore the topics of alternative fuel station locations, alternative fuels data center, fleet efficiency, and the renewable fuels national standards.

Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse: US DOT

The Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse is designed as a one-stop source of information on transportation and climate change issues. It includes information on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, analytic methods and tools, GHG reduction strategies, potential impacts of climate change on transportation infrastructure, and approaches for integrating climate change considerations into transportation decision making. View […]

Climate Change Mitigation/Adaptation State-by-State Interactive Map

This interactive map of the United States contains state-by-state links to documents, powerpoints, and other information on state DOT climate change and energy activities. It includes reports, policies, plans, and research sponsored by the designated state DOT or part of a collaborative effort that involves the state DOT and can be used to enhance the […]

US DOT – FHWA: Planning, Environment, & Realty

This US Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has a wide variety of materials to enhance a course on sustainable transportation.

U.S. Department of Energy – Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicle Data Center: Clean Cities

Clean Cities provides data files that students and educators can download and manipulate for individual research, projects, and presentations. This page describes activities in Clean Cities coalitions throughout the country. View their publications page for PDF reports, fact sheets, and other tools.

Report – Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation and Marine Transportation: Mitigation Potential …

This report can be used to expand discussions of transportation options to include the aviation and marine industries.

Resources and Publications on Highways and Climate Change: US DOT Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

This US Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) page highlights resources and publications supported by FHWA that can be used as a resource for student research on sustainability and transportation or for helpful education materials for class presentations and documents.

Report – Plug-in Electric Vehicles Market: State of Play (Pew Center on Global Climate Change)

This paper outlines the status of the Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) market including ongoing deployment projects, expected consumer market demand, and public policies related to PEV deployment.

Report – Making Urban Transport Sustainable: Insight from Germany

Educators might use this information to bring an international perspective into the classroom. This report compares the German transport system to the U.S. and makes suggestions about how to create a more sustainable system in the U.S.

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