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Solve Climate by 2030 Teachers Guides and Teach-In

Resource: Solve Climate by 2030 Teachers Guides and Teach-In

The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made clear what we all know – the Planet is in a Code Red Climate Emergency.

As educators are finalizing their syllabi for the upcoming academic year, it is time to #MakeClimateAClass – educating their students about climate justice and climate solutions in the context of their subject area.

Solve Climate by 2030 has created teacher guides in 30 subject areas in English, Spanish, and French. These guides for a one-hour class discussion are based on the Global Dialog on Climate Solutions and Justice.

 In April 2021, over 110 universities and colleges in nearly all US states and in more than 40 nations each hosted a discussion among students, scholars, and policy makers about how to advance a green recovery, climate solutions, and climate justice in their state, region, or nation. These discussions are available on our video library and provide a much-needed message of hope and action.

We encourage you to assign your students to watch their local Dialog – or watch a Dialog from their home state or home nation – and then discuss climate issues from the perspective of your discipline in class. Isn’t the climate crisis important enough to you and your students to devote at least one class period?

We also invite you to review the materials from the WorldWide Teach-In on Climate and Justice on March 29, 2023, and participate in the next one. Teachers and professors of all disciplines can participate, whether their specialty is math, social studies, language, architecture, or performing arts. Everyone can come to this from their expertise.  Any educator or student at any school, K-8, K-12, and up can get involved. Participation is easy, and they provide step-by-step directions on their website.


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