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The Value of Credentialing for Workforce Training Programs

This article, by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), provides jobseekers, workers and businesses various options to strengthen their qualifications and stand out above the competition. A variety of options are available for a more personalized program of training: training program accreditation, instructor certification, and micro-credentials. IREC accreditation provides quality assurance for job training programs so that job-seekers, workers, and employers who invest in professional training will receive a good return on their investment. The instructor certification program develops and recognizes excellence in individual trainers and focuses on bettering an instructor’s specific approach to the quality of a program. The micro-credentials offered provide narrow-focused certifications that allow all workers, including those not primarily employed in the clean energy sector, to broaden and tailor their skillset, improving their marketability as an employee.

August 18, 2023