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Article: More Major Companies Commit To 100% Renewables

This 2016 article discusses the over 80 major companies worldwide that have joined RE100, committing to 100% renewable energy usage, and the number of participants is expected to keep growing. This commitment presents a clear business case for investing in cleaner energy pathways to accelerate the transition to a net-zero emissions economy. Investors and policymakers […]

September 27, 2016

The Quadrennial Energy Review

The Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) (last updated 2015) enables the Federal Government to translate policy goals into a set of analytically based, integrated actions that include executive actions, legislative proposals, and budget and resource requirements for proposed investments, over a multi-year planning horizon. The report includes the following: – An integrated view of, and recommendations […]

July 9, 2017

Video: Can a City Run on 100% Renewables?

In this short video (produced 2016), we learn how a city in the United States runs entirely on renewable energy sources. In 2014 Burlington, Vermont, became the first city in the U.S. to run on 100% Renewable Energy. Their secret to success will fuel discussion topics and extracurricular activities in your classroom.

Wind Career Map

Use the wind career map to explore wind energy occupations.  The map describes a diversity of jobs across the industry, charts possible progression between them, and identifies the training necessary to perform them.

December 4, 2018

In Demand: Clean Energy, Sustainability and the New American Workforce

This resource provides insights into the status and growth of jobs in the clean energy industry. This downloadable PDF highlights quality jobs in renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative vehicles, energy storage and advanced grid sectors. It documents that even while current federal government policies are not beneficial to clean energy growth, the industry is still […]

March 29, 2019

World Employment and Social Outlook 2018: Greening with Jobs

This PDF, by the International Labour Organization, will help students to understand key issues linked to the establishment of a greener economy, including macroeconomic, environmental policy, public programs, and worker protection and skills. While moving away from a coal-fueled economy may cause short-term job losses, the report shows that a fair transition to a more […]

The Future of Jobs Report

This report focuses on the momentous change that is underway in today’s workforce as the fourth industrial revolution takes place amidst a growing need for a more sustainable future. This report provides insight into current market trends and their potentials in the years to come, plus describes the sorts of changes that need to take […]

Article: Clean Energy Jobs Grew 3.6% In 2018, With Wind Employment Thriving

Students can utilize this article when studying employment projections across various clean energy sectors. Utilizing professional charts and graphs, this article sites data that shows nearly every state across the U.S. saw an increase in clean energy jobs in 2018, particularly in the energy storage and clean vehicles industries.

The 2020 U.S. Energy and Employment Report

We are in the middle of a historic transition of the energy sector, and this report tracks changes in energy and energy-related employment during a time of continued change in the energy markets. This report is designed to help policy makers at all levels to understand the impact of the evolving energy markets and to […]

Webinar & Study: Global Energy Systems based on 100% Renewable Energy

This study shows a transition to 100% clean, renewable energies is highly realistic – even today, with the technologies currently available. Christian Breyer, Professor of Solar Economy at LUT University, Finland, and Hans-Josef Fell, President of the Energy Watch Group, present their latest joint publication, the study on Global Energy Systems based on 100% Renewable […]

August 21, 2019

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